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Despite this image showing ethereum logos everywhere, we’ll be focusing on $WBNB today

In as Few Words as Possible:

I’ve built a script, a couple scripts rather, to identify up and comming coins on the binance smart chain network (so pancakeswap is the easiest way to utilize this method).

High Level of This Strategy:

  1. query to get daily trade volume and trade amounts per top 1000 coins per day
  2. extract theses results (json) and convert to csv
  3. use python to pull out some insights
  4. use plotly to chart everything
  5. use pancakeswap to buy the coins

1. Bitquery Script

This script pulls the buy symbol, sell symbol, the number of trades and the total amount per buy/sell pair for the given timeframe on the binance smart chain…

IBM Watson on Jeapordy

What does this program actually solve?

  • Automate taking meeting notes or interview notes
  • Get the text out of all those 20 minute long cryptocurrency youtube videos

That’s really all I’m going to use this for :)


The purpose of this article, or how-to, is to show how to take a YouTube video, or any video file really, and transcribe the text from said video programatically.

What You’ll Need

  • An IBM account (to get your api key and url)
  • Download ffmpeg (!brew install ffmpeg)
  • Download youtube downloader library (!pip3 install ibm_watson)
  • Double click the certificate file in your python directory if you get cert errors downloading youtube videos
  • Python 3…

First Off

I challenge any of you to find a cooler XRP photo than that one up there. Let’s go.

Ok, Let’s get into it

I’m not going to give you a background on XRP/ripple. The high-level is XRP is a cryptocurrency that’s far better, technology wise, than $ETH or $BTC. It’s quicker, uses less energy (so far greener), has way lower fees (you should see the gas prices on etherium right now — absolutely ridiculous). And yes, I own XRP. But I’m not aiming to convert anyone to buy anything. Just talking code here.


I wrote a small script that overlays daily RSI indicators for cryptocurrencies…

No this article isn’t about backtrack/linux or reaver or airmon — I might get in trouble for that

Why am I writing this article?

My passion has always been in fraud analytics. I just think it’s really interesting how you use that data and what writing some clever code can mean for a company’s bottom line.

As a data engineer, I’m constantly surrounded by data, in some point of the spectrum. Could be the quality of the data — are the data types correct, are they optimally stored; could be the manipulation of data — analysis and modeling; could be presentation of the data — report/dashboard building; could be the delivery of the data — is it in the right location, data warehouse…

What a full data analytics project looks like (a brief version at least)

Austin Building Permits by Year

So how do these projects typically start?

Well, typically, if you’re working in a data analytics, data engineering, data science or BI role, you’re tasked with answering questions. But, these questions aren’t just the simple ask and respond type of task. They’re a bit deeper. …


I’m not going to give you a lesson on Gantt Charts. They were created to show the progress of individual tasks/projects of a larger initiative(s).

Since this really isn’t an overly impressive chart and one likely won’t gain much from it, the only reason I’m posting this is because a lot of these plotly timeline figure parameters are pretty obscure; hard to find information regarding some of them — not a lot of examples out there. …

Political views by age group and Left vs. Right leaning % Difference by year

Where does this data come from?

The source for this data comes from several places. I was not able to locate a website/source with a complete list of this data, so I pulled and compiled it from a few sources:

Where does this code live?

In. My. Github.

What are the takeaways from this chart?

  • More and more folks aged 18–29 are voting democrat
  • People voted pretty neutrally during the mid 80s through 2004
  • Folks aged 18–29 have not shifted much within the conservative party throughout the years
  • The older you get, the more likely you are to be conservative
  • 2016 saw the biggest percent difference in Democratic vs. …

Daily RSI for Several Crypto Coins in Plotly

I’ll Keep This Brief

If you’re like me, you could really care less about “how” you got there, as long as you’re there. I set out this weekend to find a way to overlay the RSI for multiple cryptocurrencies, and ended up with the above image (and one for stocks). It does exactly what I wanted.

Now, perhaps there’s a website out there that offers this feature for free, perhaps there’s not. Either way, if you’ve found this page, and were looking for a FUHHREEE way to see the RSI for multiple stocks/cryptos, this is all you need. The code is below. …

There’s some code at the bottom

Small Intro

If you ever used SAS, it’s because you’ve been lucky enough (or unlucky) to have worked for a company or gone to a school that had a license you could use. For the rest of us, we used python, R or SQL for our data needs.

It wasn’t until these past few weeks that I’d ever looked into SAS — I’m a data engineer and I solely use Python or SQL for anything related to data. …

This is a zipper!

What is an .EGP File?

Taken straight from StackOverflow:

A .egp file is a zipped set of xml files (and other things). If you change the extension to .zip, you can open it with any unzipping program, and see the contents. It is possible to extract programs and such from there at that point, though it’s not necessarily easy to do as it’s fairly messy.

Why am I writing this story?

For one simple reason. Because I was tasked with looping through a folder of a bunch of .egp …

Max Bade

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